Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival 9th – 13th October 2024

The jazz voice is a powerful instrument

The voice is a primal force, the original instrument. There’s nowhere in Australia that celebrates it like this festival does. The success of this festival promotes the jazz club as an unmissable tourist destination and a key venue local and for touring artists.

Dive into a showcase of storytelling through the jazz voice

  • Listen to creative spins on popular songs as vocalists dig deep into popular jazz standards, reinvent contemporary songs or share original music.
  • Enjoy a range of vocal milestones, from the freshness of youth to the established timbres of the masters.
  • Experience jazz voices that move you to a place where everything feels right. Warm vocal tones drip over you like honey, textured tunes fill you with longing, and witty words wrapped in melody make you want to dance.

You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on the voice as an instrument equal to any other in jazz music.

The program

In early August each year, this festival hosts:

  • Top quality national and international artists performing alongside local talent at Brisbane Jazz Club.
  • Four to five days of performances that showcase unique voices and techniques.

Who is the festival for?

If you love a capella music or you’re a budding jazz singer, you’ll love the skills featured in this festival. Or if you simply enjoy listening to powerful vocal folds or voice acrobatics, this is not one to miss.

Why there’s a vocal jazz festival

Jazz Singers’ Jazz Night at the club grew from strength to strength, becoming something of a legacy over 20 years. Its popularity demanded a more visible platform with a wider audience. Launched in 2016, The Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival was the obvious next step. Artistic director Ingrid James initiated it with a team of jazz-loving volunteers. In 2024, this festival celebrates its 9th anniversary. The Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival’s acclaim reaches beyond the jazz community to both mainstream and specialist audiences and celebrates diversity!