Jazz Singers Jazz Night

Find your path to professional performances

    Wildly popular—in fact, often our best attended night each month—this performer-friendly event is a ‘club within a club’.

    It’s become something of a legacy in Brisbane’s cultural heritage. Leading jazz singer and educator Ingrid James, who is also the director of The Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival, produces and presents the program. 2021 marked its 20th year and to celebrate, a digital archive of photographs and history will soon be available at the Queensland State Library.

    How it works

    12 singers perform two contrasting songs each, accompanied by a top-quality, professional jazz trio. Whether you’re new to jazz, a student, or a professional looking for some new challenges, you are welcome.

    This is your chance to show off your talent in front of a highly supportive audience and make friends in the process. We also welcome instrumentalists to sit in with the house band, which alternates each month.

    Gain professional experience

    It’s unlike any experience you’ll gain from a music academy or jazz school. Participation is a strategic steppingstone for many emerging singers. It helps you transition to the professional stage with confidence.

    • Perform at a professional venue with a pro house band, specialist sound and lighting, professional photographers and occasional live broadcasts on radio.
    • Artists and audience listen, support and celebrate your performance, ready with encouragement.
    • Rub shoulders with seasoned performers. Work with new musicians. Learn to direct the band and communicate as a team player.
    • Discover your own nuances and interpretations of songs. Learn to test your own boundaries.
    • Meet like-minded artists. Make new friends as you share the joy of jazz.

    All in all, it’s a fun night out with lots of opportunity to meet other performers and build confidence.


    • First Thursday of every month
    • 7-10pm at the club (Doors open at 6pm)
    • Complimentary table seating outdoors on the river deck for performers, or book a table inside.
    • Bar and table service is available with a restaurant menu

    How to join

    What others say

    "… a much-needed opportunity for young, emerging singers…"

    The Jazz Singers’ Jam Night is a much-needed opportunity for young, emerging singers, or singers of any age, to sing in public in front of a comfortable and supportive audience, otherwise they have nowhere to try their craft. An immensely enjoyable night.

    Sharny Russell | Singer/Jazz Vocal Teacher, Queensland Conservatorium & JMI

    "… a unique atmosphere or ‘buzz’ that happens in the Club sometimes when everything feels right…"

    There’s a unique atmosphere or ‘buzz’ that happens in the Club sometimes when everything feels right and you know the Clubhouse is populated by jazz-lovers here for the music and the people. The first JSJN had this vibe about it from the first note to the last. Singers of all levels of experience got up on stage, sang their hearts out and were received with great warmth, humour and encouragement from a thrilled crowd.

    Greg Gottlieb | former artistic director of Brisbane Jazz Club/ bass player based in UK

    "… I wouldn’t be where I am today…"

    Ingrid has been my singing teacher for over 4 years and works with me on a very practical level and knows my strengths and weaknesses. It really is a great personal affinity that I applaud her for. We work on technique but also hands on pointers that I can relate to. Through the JSJN I have met many wonderful musicians and now feel very lucky to work with them in my shows. Without the JSJN and Ingrid I wouldn’t be where I am today with my voice and confidence.

    Jan Lennard | Jazz singer